I am a trained hypnotherapist and have full practitioner status with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

Reaffirming to ourselves what we can't do or what we are scared of can be reversed with NLP. This, together with hypnotherapy is very powerful.


I am also a trained mindfulness tutor and can teach you how to calm a restless mind through meditation. Most people know the benefits of a body massage, why not try a mind massage?

Mentoring and Support

Specialising in City workers I can offer my own experiences of the pressures this can bring, to give support with compassion and understanding.

Business Alchemy

I can offer a human approach to management consultancy.

Whether you own a business, are in management or just managing your own working life, Business Alchemy can help to bring context to the bigger picture and create a healthy perspective.

Victim Support

As a victim of fraud and dishonesty myself, I have persisted in litigation for over 5 years, resulting in a Judgment against the perpetrator. Knowing how difficult it can be for victims of audacious crimes, I can empathise and support anyone finding their own battles against wrongdoing.

Bringing together the four aspects of the self:

the physical; the psychological;

the emotional; the spiritual.

Combining scientific knowledge and research into the mind

with emotional intelligence and philosophies to explore answers that may already be within you.

Sometimes all that you need is for your story or problem to be heard.

Piano Lessons

With the emphasis on relaxation techniques, I can teach keyboard for beginners to intermediate level.

Music can be therapeutic on so many levels and what I can offer is focused on mind and well-being for a truly satisfying and relaxing pastime.

Blüthner Piano


First 30 minutes is a free consultation with no obligations

I charge £50 an hour but I usually offer 2 hours per session

(for a limited time I can offer 2 hours for £80)

£30 for an hour for a simple "mind massage"

Only £20 an hour for relaxation through piano lessons